Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just My Luck...

Really I don't believe in it but still. Today my computer is acting screwy. Everything is taking ages to load or doesn't at all. Seriously, don't these people know I have web sites to look at?!?
Today is sunny and slow here at work. I managed to finish everything yesterday and now wish I would have slowed down a bit. Still learning the pace for this job. It's nice to have a day here and there with not a lot to do though. Gives me time to plan spring clothing and furniture arrangements in my house. You know, the stuff I always think about. I did buy these today for spring:

I love them. They will go with everything too. I can wait for sleeveless dresses and sandals. Of course it's only 26 out here today. Yuck. Got two dress patterns yesterday from a sewing site I joined. These three gals come up with cool patterns and put them online for you to download.

Both are going to be super easy and I can just think of endless fabrics that I would love these in. I plan to make a battery of these for summer.

OH! Also, I've been talking about getting into photography more. I've been doing some research on cameras and what I need for my skill level and what I want to do. I've decided on a camera and I'm super excited!!! The Nikon D40. It's suppose to be super easy to use, light weight, and takes amazing photos. Even for a beginner like me. It's not cheap of course and I'll have to save up to get it but MAN am I excited. Hopefully I can have it by summer and take a ton of photos of everything.

Not much else going on lately. This weekend we're going to a friends birthday party and then if it's warmish, cleaning up our backyard. It's pretty ghetto back there. Also, I want to change the layout of the furniture at our house and do some pre-spring cleaning. We'll see.

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