Monday, March 24, 2008

Post Easter Jiggle and Organization

So Easter was great. We went to my mom's house a few hours away and had a pretty rest full time while there. We pretty much ate non stop though. We always do because we love to cook together and sharing a meal together is so much fun. We had a wonderful ham dinner yesterday that we'll be eating leftovers from for a week!

Mom and I did a little photo shoot/nature walk on Saturday before it got dark. We had a nice time AND I got to see a dead armadillo. Never seen one in person before.
Today I'm tired. Really tired. We didn't get home till late and I went almost straight to bed in hopes that I wouldn't be dragging today. No such luck. In an attempt to stay awake, I'm drooling over organization. I mean my house doesn't look like this but it's something I aspire to be someday. Really, truly, organized. These rooms make me weak in the knees.

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