Friday, February 29, 2008

See, It's Not Just A Shoe Blog!

With the week drawing to a close and the weather reports saying it's suppose to be in the 60's here tomorrow, I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've finished all my work for the week by 11am today and now I'm just sitting here not sure what to do with myself.

I took some more photos of the stuff I forgot to take photos of the other day. Not that it's overly exciting stuff but I did want to prove that this wasn't simply a shoe blog.
New shelves right outside the kitchen. I'm not sure I'm good with the stuff and or arrangement of the stuff on them yet but I'll work on that later. These were in our spare room but once we moved in the desk, we decided to move them out in the main part of the house for more storage or really display purposes.
This is my new school teachers desk. It needs to be refinished, which I play to do as soon as it's warm enough. It's the perfect size. The guy at the shop we got it from told us it came from the cat shop at Crown Center. I guess they finally closed and this was there as a display piece for years. Kinda cool knowing the history of your stuff. I can't decide if I want to strip it and refinish it or paint it. Still thinking about it.
Here's the cool quilt previously mentioned. It's older than I am and really cool. It's simple fabrics make me smile. I've been reading about quilting lately and trying to think about if I have the patience for it. I would like to make one though. Someday.
Happy Weekend to All!!!

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Tammy said...

The work you have done on the house looks really great. I'm sure it feels really good to see all your hard work producing such great results. I'm quite proud of you!