Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Reading

I love books. I haven't always loved them as I do now but I remember being obsessed with wanting to learn to read. Over my teen years reading didn't seem all that important to me and I didn't do a lot of it, other than Nancy Drew books. In my life now I'm obsessed with reading yet again. Not just books but magazines as well. I like a good story but I find it hard to find authors that really keep my attention. Anyway, thinking today about the books that truly make me happy and how I can't wait to put to use more of the infinite wisdom these pages share. These are pretty much my go to books when I've got nothing on my mind and want to just relax. In all of these the photography is amazing and inspiring. No matter the subject matter. I have a pretty extensive wish list on that I'm hoping to widdle down some over the summer. Another book case will also be on the list of must buy items.

This is my favorite baking book. I do get a little overwhelmed when I open it though because I want to make all of it. Every last yummy thing.
This book on cleaning makes me joyous and giddy to see that there are places in the world where you could actually eat off the floors (besides my Gran's house). I aspire to be half as clean as this book lets on. Does have some amazing tips.

This may be my very favorite book of all time. Yes, it gives Harry Potter a run for his money. It's so inspiring and full of tips on simplifying your life and style. I often feel like I have to much going on (style and life wise) and long for simplicity. This book always brings me back to my heart.

It's funny to me (and I'm not sure when I'm going to get used to this fact about myself) that all these books are "domestic". Cooking, cleaning and style. I long to be the modern day June Clever and have no problem admitting it. Wish I was as good at keeping house as doing financial expense reports. Sigh...

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