Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Here's What I Don't Get

Well one of a million things I don't get, really. What the heck is up with these grown women being totally obsessed with Blythe dolls. I mean, they look creepy to me (the one above is the most normal one I could find. Typically they have gross looking hair and their big buggy eyes aren't even eye colored) and I can't imagine wanting to have one look like me or me making massive amounts of clothing for this thing. I do a ton of flickr looking when I'm bored. I always find it interesting to see people lives but you wouldn't believe how many women I come across that have an entire 30 page flickr site for pictures of their Blythe doll. Clothes they made her, them posing her in different places, them hugging. It's just straight up weird I'm thinking. When I was little I loved Barbie and then I got older and I liked Hello Kitty but I'm 25 now. I don't like dolls anymore and I certainly don't want to take 450 million photos of a doll to bore my friends, family and the world with. WEIRD!!!

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