Monday, March 17, 2008

Forgot to Mention

Forgot to mention that we bought this over this weekend.
The cabinet, not the tv. We've been looking for something to go under our tv for ages but not seen anything we really liked. This was really reasonably priced and so we got it. It's on back order (of course) but will be in mid April. It's ok though. Will give me plenty of time to get the carpet in before moving stuff around. We plan to get some more thing from this same store for the house. A lot of people talk about how if you buy a set of something (entire bedroom set, dinning room set) your house looks like you have no imagination. To me, at this point in my life, when you buy the set, it's done. Done is what I like. I know my house will look like a magazine (Plus, dogs/cat/dust/books piled everywhere/dirty clothes on the floor sometimes) but seriously I just don't care anymore. John says that's a big step for me. Personally I feel like it's a sigh of relief. I just want our house to be done. Shopping around trying to find something cool at thrift shops (although fun and really entertaining at times) doesn't seem to be working given the state of my house. Here are a few other things we are eyeing. Love the bar stool and the couch is micro suede (which we have now) and is super comfy. I'm definitely going to have to pull in some color someplace though because the couch is the same color as my walls. Hm...

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