Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tis The Season For A Peep Show

Today a very dear friend of mine sent me a reminder that Easter and Spring are just around the corner. She has such amazing talent to make anything (and I do mean anything) look cool through watercolors. She makes it look easy but I totally know it's not.

Also, notice to the right here ---> that's I've added my flickr badge. Finally figured out how to do this. Sometimes I find it scary I work for a technology company because I'm so not technical.

Dreaming of new spring pj's today. Got some ideas from my newest favorite store, Toast. They have just the most amazingly cool things for house and home. They do women's clothing as well, which I'm pretty fond of too.

Found some patterns similar to these things, so I'm itching to get into my sewing room. It's full of misc junk right now though. We've been going through it little by little getting rid of things we don't need. I realized the other day we still don't have enough storage space in our house. I need another book shelf and some sort of big storage trunk for blanket and such. I also want a new comfy chair for reading books and hand sewing stuff in the living room. They two we currently have are trashed. I think I've finally figured out the layout I want for the front area but now I'll have to make it seem cozy. I'm not good at that for some reason. I am excited to hopefully get some plants this spring though. I've managed to keep my mother in laws tongue (which just might be my favorite house plant ever) alive for over a year now. I love that I can forget to water it for ages and it still looks great. Now if only the laundry would take care of itself like that...

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