Thursday, March 13, 2008

Exciting Stuff and Things

So we finally decided on and ordered our new carpet for the living room last night. We've been debating over color and texture for some time now. We finally went with carpet tiles from Flor. We did a high traffic carpet in this great two tone brown color. It's got a great texture to it as well. Here is the sample picture from the website. Doesn't really do it justice. I'm excited to have it done.
I've also been thinking a lot about colors in our home and I just feel so wrong towards them. Not that I hate colors. I don't. Frankly I love them BUT I have this seeing multi colors from where I happen to be standing. So I don't want to be standing in the living room seeing a blue bathroom and a green bedroom. So I'm freaked about wall color and then I'm freaked about patterns and colors on fabrics. So our house now is very muted but also not very stylish. Last night while digging through some of my old magazines I found these two photos from Domino magazine.

Sorry about the flash on the second one. Anyways, I love these rooms. They are void of pretty much all color but make me want to relax and watch a movie. I love the tones of brown with the green plants mixed in. Natural, calm, cozy. I find it interesting that in my life I'm drawn to very muted colors. Grey is my favorite color people. Grey. I love navy and the every exciting mocha. I do like a good burgundy here and there too. Sigh...I'm boring.

In more fun news, I totally hate myself for loving these...

I can't see myself buying them because 1. my husband would kill me if I bought one more pair of shoes right now 2. they go against all I stand for but still remain cute at the same time. I'm puzzled by this. I'm also puzzled by why it can't just be spring already!!! We have been really lucky and have three days over 50 this week though. That's like gold falling from heaven around here.

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