Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things that I Decided, Just Now...

So I've been thinking just now of some things that make me smile. You know what I've decided, before I have a baby (which by the way I'm more in favor of doing than ever before in my life and it freaks me out a little but also makes me feel proud because being a mom is such an honor and a lot of people take that for granted) I want to take a photography class. I'm so inspired by these gals who take vast amounts of photos of their lives, kids, husbands, shoes, etc. That's me. I love photos. Photos of everything. I want to learn what these people know and be able to take stunning pics of everyday stuff. I want to know all this before I have a baby, so that when he (cross your fingers) comes along I can have a million a six shots of his little face, toes, nose and funny little smile. I want to capture my life in the blink of a shutter. I know NOTHING about photography. Like I know I will need a really great camera and that there are a ton of things you can do with lighting etc but I don't know ANYTHING about any of it. Wonder if that is a problem. =)

Also, I decided just now that I really like my hair. It's so different for me and it's good to get compliments on my hair again. It feels nice. Plus, (mega plus here people) I can actually see out from underneath my bangs!!!

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