Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Misc Holiday Break Pics

So I don't really have a lot to talk about. I basically slept through a good portion of the Thanksgiving break and our dinner wasn't all that tasty. We did have a fun time with Gary's family and mom though. We also managed to get our Christmas lights up on the house and I did some cooking.

Our house with lights.

After two hours of crying onion eyes, simmering sauce and burning my hands on hot pasta noodles, here is the lasagna I made. It ended up making us both sick to our stomachs and now I have a ton of it I've no idea what to do with. Lovely.

Vanilla/Pumpkin pie w. pecans and caramel sauce. It turned out pretty good even though I jacked up the recipe. That's what happens when you cook while being sick.

John in his new "outfit". With the carpet ripped up the house is a ton colder. Didn't think of that when I decided to rip it out on a whim. So we're both freezing all the time now. His flannel ensemble complete with corduroy house slippers is a must have for the season. He's barely taken it off since we got it home from Target. Here's his best Sears catalog pose.

Here are the boys post lasagna feast. Just tuckered out. I love how he's holding Sirius's tail. Cute boys.

Tonight we go for hair cuts. Nothing major for me. Just a trim of the bangs and back part. John however is going back to clean cut John for a while. I think I just heard the angels start to sing...

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