Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Other News

My stomach feels funny today. Not good. I've not been hungry but forced myself to eat anyway but I'm not sure that was a good idea. Sigh...

Also today is long.

I've been thinking about fall more today. About what I wanna do while trapped in the house for months. I've complied a short list of things that sounds fun:

1.Make White Chicken Chili
2.Learn to Quilt
3.Make Our House Cozy
4.Start Painting Again
5.Make a Norwegian Apple Cake

Those things seem fun today. Who knows about tomorrow. I will admit I'm relatively fickle from day to day about what I wanna make, do, read, see. I am sure about one thing today though, my belly feels puckie.

So we went to see this 30 Days of Night movie last night. I was excited because it's a vampire movie AND Josh Hartnett which I came to like from that movie he was in with Bruce Willis and Lucy Lu. Hm. Can't remember the name. Anyway, so the movie was decent. Loads of holes in the story but meant for pure vampire entertainment not historical correctness. (Jeez I sound like my dad!) The end was odd. I expected something different than I got but what I got was ok. I guess. John and I had more fun talking about all the things they didn't do right or should have done, than actually watching the movie. The vampires looked cool though. That always helps me.

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