Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So I've been un-naturally quiet this week. I've had things to say but no energy to say them. See this shoulder AND this pesky cold/sinus thing is just taking my down for the count. I seriously caught myself sitting at my desk yesterday just staring out the window. I didn't even realize it. I'm just kinda out of it.

I have been reading my blogs faithfully though and thankfully those people haven't stopped writing. One of my very favorite blogs is by a girl named Curious Bird, aka, Leya Williams. She and her new husband live in PA with two really cute cats. She inspires me. She is a wonderful photographer and makes simple everyday stuff seem so pretty. It's made me start to notice things in my life a different way. Thinking about how I live my life and the things I want to do with all the time I have left. She makes being a tomboy at heart seem acceptable. She makes cooking a new recipe for the first time special. She makes me wish I had a friend like her. I have great friends, don't get me wrong. I love them all in their own special ways. They all have cool things about them that I love but I sometimes secretly wish for a crafty friend. A friend who inspires me to be better. To cook instead of going out. To sew a new dress instead of buying an over priced version. I think what I like about Leya so much is that she inspires life to be what it should be. Simple. Expensive things are over rated. The glamorous life isn't all it's cracked up to be. I like simple. I like plain. And you know what, there's nothing wrong with that. I would love to show you some of her photos but alas, flickr isn't my friend. Here is the link however to her pages. Enjoy...


In the curious bird spirit, I went out and bought a pair of grey converse tennis shoes this week. Nothing makes me smile like these shoes. I love heels. I love wedges but these babies can't be beat. At the end of the day i can't wait to put them on with just about anything. I'm also trying to work up the courage to press on with my closet makeover. Something about having clothes crammed in there really tight makes me feel secure. Like I'm going to have something to wear when I get up in the morning. My hear yearns for simple though. A closet I can easily navigate with just what I need and nothing extra. I've somehow made this my life's pursuit. I get book after book that gives me list after list of exactly what I need. I read these lists over and over like a security blanket in hand but then never put them into practice. Maybe this four day holiday break is just what I need. We'll see.

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