Friday, November 16, 2007

Quick note to tell everyone I have pictures to share but left my camera at home. Monday perhaps.

I'm also at my new desk today for the first full day. So far so good. There is so much light from the windows and my desk is really really nice. Also, you could hear a pin drop. The best part, the printer is directly behind my cube. Love it! I'm still nervous as there are a ton of people who could potentially try and make my life hell but I've got to work on that one day at a time. Found it interesting that today's devo from my joyce calendar was titled "conquer fear". Funny how that works.

Also, quick shoulder update. I will be going in next week for an MRI & MRA. Tuesday & Wed. The pain is getting worse and it's making it hard to drive, write or do pretty much anything without it hurting. I'm ready to just get the surgery over.

I am excited that next week is a short week AND that I get to eat turkey. Only 8 more hours till I get to go home.

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