Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Are You and What Have You Done With Naomi?

I started out today by getting up around six and cleaning my house. That's right, cleaning. Weird huh? Then I made breakfast. Like I actually cooked something for myself to eat before work. Equally strange. But, the really testament to how strange my behavior is today is that I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Lands End. LANDS END, PEOPLE. I've always thought of them as a place where preppy folks bought all their stuff. I've looked at their site briefly a few summers ago for a swim suit but that's the extend of my love for them. All that changed recently when I got a random catalog in the mail. I flipped through it out of boredom really because what is a pregnant lady going to buy from the preppy catalog? Well, apparently my taste has changed considerably. I found tons of things I was drooling over (mostly coats, hats, tote bags) and wasn't even ashamed of myself. Maybe it's the pregnant hormones talking but they have some great prices on some great stuff. Pretty much any basics you could need (t shirts, sleep pants, robes, house slippers, cardigans, winter stuff, tote bags, swimwear, winter boots, etc) they have it. I've grown into a fairly no frills basics girl and when winter rolls around each year I reach for anything that is going to be soft and keep me warm. This year in particular I have a mild obsessive love for fleece. No idea. Again, totally out of character for me but I can't get enough. I'm also in love with these puffy vest things. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I'm telling you all, the body snatchers have arrive and took me first...
BTW, The pics aren't the things I bought but if I didn't have a preggy belly I would. I got things like hat, scarf, gloves, house slippers, etc. I'm excited to get a puffy jacket and vest next year though AND wear real jeans again.

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