Monday, November 24, 2008

Infectious Giving

Giving always becomes a topic during the holidays. Most people think of giving either of presents to loved ones or tossing a few coins in the little red buckets as you enter the grocery store but I've been trying to think of this topic in a new way this season (and hopefully into the future). Infectious giving is what comes to mind. I'm not talking purely about monetary giving. I'm talking time, resources, food, sometimes it's just a smile for a stranger. I'm asking God to show me new ways I can give of myself each day for Him.

Our church is doing an amazing thing this year. They've set out to donate 10,000 pounds of food to local shelters and local families in need. That's a huge number and seems impossible to me alone but every week thousands of pounds of food get delivered by people around the northland that want to help out. It's been amazing. John and I filled up eight grocery bags for the cause this time. It feels so good to give stuff away. It's always nice to get stuff but it's far more rewarding to give it away. Not everyone has money or time to give away, that's understandable BUT if God has blessed you with something (time, money, a passion for a specific cause), use it. Give it away like it's on fire. God's blessed John and I in the area of money right now and I'm so thrilled to be able to buy food for needing families or to buy a new coat for a teenage girl who's family can't afford a new one. It helps me keep my life in perspective. Seriously, how many pairs of shoes do I really need? How many lip glosses can I really use at once? I often feel like we get caught up in the things we want and neglect to think about why God's given us the resources we have. I'm not suggesting we sell our homes, move into shacks and give all our personal belongings away. I think God wants us to enjoy our lives (Get new shoes, have cozy bed sheets, eat out sometimes) but I also think He calls us to be wise with our lives. Wise with our resources.

These are just random thoughts I've tried to put together to make full sentences. I know it possibly doesn't make a lot of sense at this point. I'm sure I'll continue to bring pieces of this puzzle out in the coming weeks. Below is an article I linked to from our pastor's blog. It's basically about infectious giving. Take a read...

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