Monday, November 10, 2008


The weekend has come and gone. Rather quickly I must admit. Saturday Gran and I braved the cold to do some furniture shopping. We ended up leaving with only a few kitchen items. Had dinner at one of our favorite places.
Lovely food and company. Woke up feeling yucky for our seventh anniversary. I think my sinus thing has either returned or was just hiding for a bit because it's back with a score to settle. I managed to drag myself out of bed for some quick errands and a lovely gift. Napped on the couch for a while and then realized I was gonna have to pull myself up and be awake for our dinner plans later that night. We ended up going to Lidia's Italian Kitchen. It's such a lovely place and the food is always good.
The restaurant itself is gorgeous and I'm always just in love with the decor every time we go. This is the huge stone fireplace near the entrance. The lighting is so dim in this place I couldn't get a great shot but you get the idea. So cool. Also, they have three of these amazing Dale Chihuly light fixtures down the middle that's I'm totally blow away by every time as well. What that guy can do with glass is amazing!

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Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Oh that's GORGEOUS! Where is the restaurant? I'm so sorry you weren't well, but that does look like a great place...