Friday, November 07, 2008

Montage to The Cuteness That Is John

Since we've been together SEVEN years this weekend, I thought it only fitting to do a mini montage to my husband. We've had many many funny times together.

Like this one for example...

This was before we tried to cross that water you see behind us. We of course got the thing stuck and the funniest story every told unfolded. All I will say is that it involved my mom standing in her underwear in the middle of that water trying to pull us out using her pants as a tow rope. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying just thinking about it.

Next, we have...

This funny shot is of John dressed up for my dad's pirate birthday party. That in itself isn't the funny part. They funny part came when we all came home late full of piss and vinegar. The boys decided to steal the target practice deer from the neighbor behind them to put on the back porch looking into the kitchen window of the other neighbor. I'm pretty sure they started WW3.

Then we have...

This was from my 25th birthday party. We had a huge bash at Gran's house with family and work folks. Tons of food and of course booze. I'm not sure if it was the mixing of the booze or the excitement of all the new people he's met that night but we found John a few hours later passed out hugging the toilet in my Grandma's bathroom with the towel bar ripped off the wall. He spent the night in there as he was completely against sleeping in an actual bed that night.

Last but certainly not least. The Darth Martin head gear. He used to wear this to play video games till I made him put it in the attic. I'm a mean and evil wife, I know.

I gotta say, he always manages to keep me laughin. Love his guts more than I can ever say.

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