Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Much

Not much to say today from the Land of Naomi. Glad it's Friday. A cold weekend is a head but thankfully everything we are going to be doing will be inside. I'm planning to do a major clean/rearrange starting tonight. I guess I'm feeling that nesting feeling. I've been looking around the house and realizing we have so much stuff. So much stuff we don't ever use or really don't like. My plan is to keep the stuff we love and use. I will pack up any clothing I currently can't fit into but other than that, I plan to make a large haul to the goodwill. I'm excited to focus on one thing at a time till it's done. Not sure why.

In other news, Dad's coming to town. Next week my Dad's coming to KC to paint the entire inside of my house. Walls, trim, the works. It's in desperate need and I'm so excited!!! Excited to have him here for a unexpected visit AND excited to have fresh paint on the walls. Haven't decided on a color yet. I'm terrible at paint colors for some reason. He's REALLY good at it though and I'm hoping he can give me some help there.

Also, I've purchased some cute things recently that I haven't shared (nothing fabulous but little things make me happy these days). The coffee maker was an extremely awesome gift for our anniversary. Boy do I love it...

New canisters, new knee high stockings, some pretty flowers, some fuzzy yarn that is planned to be a cute bunny animal for my Hazel. Also, in the shot with my canisters, you can see a tiny orange bowl. That's actually a set of really cool tiny bowls/measuring cups that I'm totally in love with. I'm on an orange kick again.

5:00pm can't come soon enough today...

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Anonymous said...

I love hte coffee pot... =)