Friday, May 23, 2008

Where Was I?

Oh Yeah, At home sick yesterday. Yuck. Sinus troubles. Came to work today because Friday's are always so very busy. I was able to talk to the nurse at our onsite clinic. She set me up with some meds for the weekend. Planning to hopefully rest a lot this weekend too.

I know we're going out to order our new bedroom set. We found it on NFM's website after a disheartening trip to the actual store where we'd seen it previously. This is a tiny photo but you get the idea.
We also picked up this little jewel last night and will be putting it together one day coming up soon. It's a great book case that matches our media cabinet. I've never been one for matching stuff till I just gave in and realized it's so much easier to just by the matching stuff and stop worrying about if it all goes. Now I know it goes. I've also got my eye on this little baby. I know. How excited can you really be about a vacuum right? WRONG. I'm wicked excited about it because with my back/shoulder weirdness it's hard for me to lug our regular old full sized vac around the house. This one is super light weight and will suck that nasty dog hair off the carpet from the next room. You know you've grown up when you'd rather have a new vacuum than a new pair of shoes. Scary.Happy Weekend all.

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Patti said...

It was bound to happen one day; my little girl is growing up!! Really like the bedroom set. Now all you need is a bigger bedroom.