Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Bash

Myself and my best girlfriend, Alison.
Kathy, whom I sit next to at work and Michelle, who covers for me while I'm on vacation but is also very funny and nice.

Momo number two.

So the party/dinner last night for work was ok. They took us to a really nice place but it was actually so fancy that people felt they couldn't have fun. It was crowded because instead of renting out the entire place for us there where other people there. So we all felt we needed to keep in our seats and quiet for the most part. The food was so so. I got the steak. I'm picky about my steak. I like medium rare and I mean medium rare when I order it. I get medium well every time. It was fun to hang out with people I work with outside of work though.

Today we've got an appreciation luncheon and more presentations. I've spent the morning lining out all the work I need to get done. I'll be a busy bee for sure tomorrow.

The weekend is coming up. John is working Saturday and then we've got a pirate themed birthday party to go to that night. Should be fun.

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