Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since I'm Six Point Five Seconds Away From Falling Asleep...

I'm gonna do a little "Things I Like Today" montage for you.
Warning Label: I'm in a funny mood. It's either all the TheraFlu pills I've had today or need for more than four million hours of sleep with in a four day period.
-Cranergey drink for Ocean Spray. I saw this on tv and being the good consumer I am (and also a pure blood Williams) I ran out and got some quick as I could. It's pretty groovy given that all I've really been interested in putting into my body lately is tea, tea, water, tea, coffee. I like the Cranberry Raspberry blend.
-Viva LaVida the new cd coming out June 17th from Coldplay. I listened to a little teaser today and it sounds lovely. I've always liked them. From the first sad, forlorn note Mr Martin let out of his funny British mouth till today. I'm still with ya, boys. Keep makin it awesome!
-Short hair is back in fashion. Now, let's stop just a second to say that fashion almost never dictates what I do or do not. Style to me is about breaking what "fashion" says is in or isn't and making it your own. But I do have to say it makes me feel a little bit closer to my new mop o locks to know the models in Anthropologie mag are sportin my do too
-New stuff from my ever present favorite lady, Amy Butler. She's got some great new fabrics out for Spring/Summer and let me tell you I'm thinking seriously about making a little bedroom something out of this stuff. It's totally right there with my light teal/aqua phase and it's so summery. I still have this gift card to the mecca of all fabric stores here in KC burning a hot little hole in my gap jeans pocket. Maybe some should go here?
-This super cute royale blue (I know it's NOT spelled that way but I like it. same thing with grey. I've spelled it that way since forever) summer weight sweater from J Crew. I have this weakness. It's call J Crew. Even though I own almost nothing from this store (I some how believe their clothes are out of my league) I pine, drool and basically obsess over their things. This isn't even expenses. I just need to bite the bullet and realize that if I had it, I'd wear it like a million times a week. Ok, maybe that's pushing it just a tad.
-Lastly, (Of course if you know me, you know this list could go on and on) the Music Builds Tour coming to KC, MO on October 11th. This features my boys Switchfoot, as well as ThirdDay, Jars of Clay and I'm thinking someone else. This concert will be at Starlight, which I've been to and can't imagine this being a good or even decent concert venue but I'll go with it. I love the boys of Switch. This will be our third concert together and as with all things, except for unrefrigerated meat, they get better over time.

Except for, I have to mention, this whole long haired out of control look that Jon is sporting these days? I'm seriously not a fan. This is just to wicked long mate!

I'm also struggling with the hat but I'll spare you the upset.

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