Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back in KC

Above just a few of the things I got in the GREAT state of TX. Totally cute summer weight kelly green jacket. Large bottle of my favorite perfume of the moment "Nina Ricci" and what would be vacation without some new shoes?! Got these Steve Madden's at Dillards and I just LOVE them. They are pretty high but I almost don't know how to walk in flat shoes it seems. Love this stuff...

So we're back from Texas. Got back Monday night late. Shocked to hear about all the tornado damage. We had a bit of that in Texas as well. We got herded like cattle into the stairwells one morning for 45 minutes while we waited for the all clear. A few towns over a tornado killed five and did tons of damage. Crazy weather. Our house was/is fine. Just a few limbs down. A good friend of mine here at work however wasn't so lucky on her street. She was in the worst hit area. Two houses down from her the entire roof of the house got taken with the family still inside. Across the street, a house not yet lived in was completely level and taken off. You can't even tell there was a house there at all. Their house got tons of siding ripped off and tons of debris punctured into the side of their house. Wild how those things move.

Other than the storms, Texas was good. We ate out, shopped, slept in and visited with family. We also did a birthday party for John. He's officially 30.

This week at work our leadership has us attending a series of meetings and events for Admin Week. So far some have been informative. We're doing a big dinner off site tonight though. I'm looking forward to that.

Life's been pretty low hey lately. Just workin, going home, cleaning the house, cooking, getting groceries. Normal stuff. I like it that way for the most part. Some people find everyday duties boring but I sometimes like the comfortableness of them. Throwing in a load of laundry, mopping the bathroom floor, then getting to sit down and read a good book while you wait for the dryer to beep. Going to bed early or going to bed late. Getting up and making coffee, getting in the shower. Picking out clothes for the day. Maybe it's the maturity in my coming out. I just love to be home. Not that we have this fabulous home that is always neat and tidy and for sure it's not spacious but it's our house. At least for now. Home is where my dogs are, where my hubby is, where our stuff lives. I feel like I'd like a bigger house but I know that again, that house will be home to us once we get it all settled. All "us". That's new for me.

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