Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So I Really Finished Something!!!

Last night I decided at about 8pm I wanted a new tote bag. I grabbed some material and went to work. Finished it around 10:30 because I spaced out on a portion of it. I'm also wearing my new grey dress. Finished a few days ago but finally ironed and ready for wearing this morning. I love it. I've already had compliments on it and it's so comfy. The pic isn't the best but you get the idea. Now I'm consumed with scheming all the other things I'm going to make. Linen pants, printed tunic to wear with jeans, wide legged belted jeans. I've got the patterns, now the hard part, choosing the fabric.

In other news a death in the family is sending me to Texas next week. I will fly out on Sunday with my Gran for a week. I'm looking forward to spending time with Gran but the circumstances surrounding it are terrible. My cousin (I think) died night before last of cancer. She was only diagnosed less than a year ago but was told with surgery she should be fine. Well she wasn't. The cancer had spread and grown so wildly that the tumors where pushing on her vital organs. Friday she decided she was tired of fighting and she wanted to go home to be with the lord. They basically put her into a drug induced coma and let her body take it's course. She was less than 35. Terrible. Will be a rough trip.

On a happier note, today is my best girl friends birthday party. We're going to a fun restaurant for a girls night out. Should be a great time. About 10 of us going. Hope to get pics. I hope to get a good camera soon and will make the pictures more plentiful around this blog. My camera phone is so crappy.
OH! Got the new Boden catalog in the mail yesterday. OMG! I just can't get enough of that store. I've still yet to order anything from there but I did see somethings this time that caught my eye enough to actually purchase. I'm in LOVE with the wicked expensive (well moderately expensive) boots. I need some good black ones for the coming season. We'll see though. I have a HARD time paying good money for things some times. I'm silly like that. Also the sweaters, OH the sweaters!!! I'm in deep. Way to deep.

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