Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beautiful Dream

So last night I had a really cool dream. I'd just gotten a job working for a really amazing natural lifestyle magazine for the youngsters of our age. Very hip and very natural. I was walking around the giant office, which was decorated so cool. Lots of colors, organic fabrics piled to the ceiling, trendy nice people every where. No cubes but open desk space where creativity could flow over the walls and out into the street. I felt a little out of my league but was still in totally awe that these people deemed me cool enough to work here. I was told to go down to the magazine room and meet with my new boss. I got lost but found some really cool rooms along the way. A pottery class, a guided tour of our offices, knitting workshops and then the magazine room. I opened the rustic aqua door to a basement room full of magazines on crispy white racks. Loads of them all there waiting for someone to look at them. My boss was in a meeting gathered around a lime green picnic table with a few other interesting looking characters. He was older than all the other employees but by far the most funky of all of us. He was medium height, very tan, wore long shorts, flip flops and a vintage tee. Best of all, he had long and very dark dreads. He was cool and he was nice. I remember feeling like it was to good to be true to have gotten this amazing job and that I hoped I would be good enough to keep it. He took me on a mini tour and brought me to my office. My OWN office. So perfect. Windows overlooking the wooded area beyond, fun bohemian furniture in bright colors placed around the large cement room. Large bulletin boards with shiny stainless steel tacks & a new shiny white apple laptop waiting on my desk. I met my assistant. Cute Cute Cute girl with short red hair and a funky vintage dress. I remember thinking "Weird I've got an assistant. I'm used to being the assistant". Then I woke up. Hm.

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