Friday, July 06, 2007

What An Interesting World We Live In

Some how I found this website today called Hel Looks. It's a "street fashion" site that's based out Helsinki, Finnland. It's 550 pictures of various people and what they consider style. Sure makes you look at life and fashion in an entirely different light. It's kinda of beautiful in a strange sort of way to see how people express themselves through so many types of styles. Here are a few of the most out there ones. Strange but fantastic too. Makes me feel not weird about loving yellow shoes or vintage clothing. Loads of these people make their our things or thrift them. I have to say I only saw like three outfits out of 550 I would actually wear but really. How cool is it that God made us all so very different. I just love the thought. Granted, some of these people you look at them and think "what the bloody hell where you thinking leaving the house like that!" but a the same time it's fascinating to me.

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