Monday, July 09, 2007

So we survived the weekend but barely. Babs & Ben were in town and it was a wild ride. Literally. We headed down on Saturday morning to the Liberty Memorial Museum. They've revamped and opened a ton of new stuff there to see. I thought I might not enjoy it but it did end up being pretty cool. So much stuff in there. It's very well laid out though and people who are really into that type of stuff would just be rapt with anticipation of what's around the next corner. John had never been and so just because we also rode the elevator to the top of the tower just to look out.

My favorite part ended up being the walls and walls of war posters. For some reason I really liked them. The architecture of the place was just way cool as you can see by the ONLY picture from the inside that came out decent.

After leaving the memorial we headed out the most scary car ride of my life perhaps. Ben, who is near sided and has no peripheral vision what so ever proceeded to drive from the Liberty Mem down town thru all the construction and back to Sam's with absolutely no knowledge of where he was or where he was going. The best part was that while he's driving 70 miles an hour on ever road available, John is in the front seat trying to navigate. At one point I looked up and he truly was about to hyperventilate. I've never been so happy to get out of a car in my entire life. Ended up spending the entire day with them. Sunday we were going to go to church but then we were expected back to Bev's around noon for a cook out. So we stayed home and did house things that needed doing. Mowing, cleaning, dishes. The BBQ was actually nice. We love Sharon's girls. They are way funny teenagers and they are comfortable enough around us to be silly. So we ate till we almost exploded, watched Harry Potter movies and laughed about teachers, boys and stupid cheerleaders. Left early enough to get some laundry done and so on yesterday too. Overall it wasn't a bad weekend, just filled differently than we would normally choose. This week I'm having my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Yesterday and today they're just aching like crazy which is making me dread the surgery a little less. I just want them OUT!!!

What else? Oh! Got some cute things handed down from Bev this weekend. She gave me a little wicker three piece patio set. Gonna paint that something cute and make some cushions. Will look cute with the new grill we are about to purchase. I'm excited for a grill I can just flip the switch and cook. Love that! Also, so gave me a giant jewelry box, which I SO needed. I've got all this stray stuff floating all over the house. This box is really cool. It's got all kinda of little compartments and such. AND it's got yellow funky lining in the drawers. So fun. I'm also going to paint this because I'm not super fond of the color of the wood. Along with the box she gave me some of her vintage jewels. My favorite are the handmade wooded black w. wood grain showing through earrings and matching brooch. Haven't taken the earrings off since Saturday. Well to shower but still. Also, picked out some rather cute paint colors for the house. I really love them. You know when you have this color in your head but can't find it anywhere? I had that till I went to Lowes yesterday. I found three, well four, shades of just the right shades of stuff I wanted. I shocked even myself. Can't wait to get started. I'm going to do the "guest room" first. John's given up rights to the room because really he doesn't use it all that much and I'm desperate for a sewing/yoga/ reading area. It's the perfect size and I'm THRILLED to have the space. I'm just so excited to get it all set up and looking cute. All that will have to wait till the teeth are out and not hurting though.

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