Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"What Could She Possible Have to Say Now??!!!"

I knew you were thinking it. I mean really, I live a pretty uneventful life the majority of the time. What could I possibly have to say from yesterday to today? Well...

First of all it's 1:43 the day before the fourth of July. I'm still here and still working. Well sort of. Took a blogging break. I'm going to take a get the heck outta dodge break here soon. Most everyone else already has. Gonna continue on with cleaning as I did last night. I get in these moods. I just clean and clean. They don't happen often enough however. I'm hell bent on making the house look nice for the weekend though. I'm planning a big clothing purge and a move all the furniture around "team building" activity as well. I'm also going to put up ALL of the cool home decorating stuff I've had for ages and I've never used. Somehow I feel like we just moved in and now I'm ready to decorate. Takes me awhile i guess. No really. I owe it all to this book. The one I mentioned yesterday. It's got all this great home decorating stuff but also the pictures are just cool. They have things "staged" if you will and I'm so in love with random corners of fun objects (just a few) and done. So I cleaned the kitchen and took everything off the fridge and put new stuff up there. I brought out my favorite plant that my mom gave me to add some life to our house. I'm ready to rock this now!

Oh oh oh! Also when at the grocery store last night I was delighted to find they sell the full line of Burt's Bee's stuff. They've got a new lip balm and it's so so great. It looks pink but goes on clear. Love the pomegranate oil. Really softens things up. I'm totally into Burt and his curious little Bee's.

Also, mom told me about this wonderful new magazine called Natural Home today. The website is a big strange because it looks like all adds but I found a diamond in the rough. My dream home. Someday I will build it.

Last but not least. Random shot that I found inspiring for the day.

Hope everyone has a LOVELY fourth and Cheers to you all!

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