Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great Progress

So the grey dress is almost done. Just the arm holes and neck to sew up. Pictures to come.

Last night we watched the Brother Grimm w/ Matt Damon & Heath Ledger. It was a fun Van Helsing type movie. I liked it ok. We grilled out some new chicken, asiago and spinach sausages and they were pretty good. Can't figure out what to put on them. Ketchup wasn't doin it. Also went to Target briefly for something I thought I needed but didn't but ended up getting some really great smelling Burt's Bees Citrus & Ginger Root body wash. I'm excited to try it out after my walk tonight. Finally going to go back out and walk tonight (hopefully). The soreness in my legs feels better. If nothing else I'm going to do some yoga. Something.

Today is JZ's friday. Lucky dog. He's gonna be a busy bear at home this weekend though. He's getting our laundry room all torn apart and put back together. Next weekend is washer & dryer shopping. Will be SOOOOOOO excited to have a laundry room again. I'm so tired of only being able to wear my favorite tank top once a week because I can't wash it.

Getting the cupcake bug again. I saw that someone is now making cup cake mix last night at target. Weird. Like it's diff than cake batter. Maybe that's my naivety speaking but seriously. Wanting to make something complex and Martha like. Might have to bust out her cook book tonight and see what I can come up with. Gran bought me her baking cookbook for Christmas a few years ago and I just adore it. I look at it all the time just because the photos are so great. It's full of super tasty looking stuff. I try not to back though. I'm not all that great and portion control when I've made a giant batch of cookies or cupcakes.

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