Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Weekend Gone...

Went by QUICK! John worked Saturday, so everything we would normally span out over the entire two days got all shoved into one. Saturday was pretty much me helping a friend move and hangin out at home because John was tyyy-erd. really really. Sunday we slept in a little and then headed out to do some shopping. I got some new running shoes. I've been shopping around online for a bit for some that I liked but OMG they are expensive. I've kinda been toying with the notion of running/walking a couple times a week mixed with some other physical activity. I needed good shoes though. I talked to all my friends that run and that's what they said. "Get good shoes and good socks. Don't wear them anywhere but to run." Hm. Ok. So I got the bright idea to go out to the outlet and see what they had. Ended up getting some really cute white, orange and silver Air Max 180 Nikes. AND the fun part is that they are Ipod compatible. Sooo I can get this Ipod chip that works with any Ipod that goes in my shoe. It does loads of stuff (tracks your mileage, heart rate, play lists) Really cool and I'm so excited to start using it.

Back to the dentist today at 4pm. Hopefully this wicked tooth will stop hurting soon. I'm so tired of pushing on my jaw. I'm doing it out of habit now. Eventually this will be over.

Went to the grocery store yesterday and got lots of cool new foods to try. Explored the organic section of our super market more than normal and found loads of cool stuff I wall try. I limited myself to a few for now though. This week I was able to come up with an entire new menu of dinners that I'm so excited about. Healthy options that aren't hard to cook (God love the grill) but really tasty. Also a bonus because John and I BOTH like them. Tonight I'm making steak and chicken kabobs, corn on the cob and salad.

Today is going pretty well. I had a lot of energy to work this morning but it's worn off. I'm sitting here eating my afternoon snack (2% reducded fat string cheese and an apple) and obsessing about the color grey. And yes I like the British way to spell it for some reason. Inspiration for today.

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