Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hump Day is Killin Me

It's Wednesday. And how. The day's just been eaking by with no regard to how its actions effect me. Sheesh! How inconsiderate.

Today I watched (well really just listened to it while working) the DVD of "The Secret". I had heard about this from friends and it sounded corny but my friend at work had the DVD and I thought "what could it hurt?". was actually pretty cool stuff. I am going to grab the book at Target next time I'm there. It's about the law of attraction. No not like attracting a cute boy but more about attracting your true desires to yourself with positive thinking. I know. Sounds corny doesn't it. Really though, it's not when you listen to the DVD. I made some note and am pretty interested to read the book. If nothing else it's something really interesting to think on. This DVD is almost a little new-agey for me but if you think of it in the context of how Christ asks us to behave, it makes sense. I'm interested to see how the book compares.

Seriously though if I buy anymore books I'm going to have to hire someone to line the walls of my house with bookshelves. Not a bad problem but still. I've got one tiny shelf and stacks and stacks hidden around the house.

In other news I'm not very motivated to work today. It's BAD. Just can't focus. AND tonight I hope to just be at home. Do nothing special. Maybe do some sewing stuff. I've got loads of projects in mind. I have an simply fabulous grey dress I started working on and then stopped. Maybe I should finish that. Also, thinking about grilling out some new chicken, spinach and asiago cheese sausages we found at Sam's. Pretty excited to see if they are tasty.

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