Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lovely Day Off

So I've decided having a day off in the middle of the week is nice. Makes the last two seem totally pointless but it's still nice. Yesterday we slept in a little. Got up and gathered ourselves for Watkins Mill. I love this place. We went early enough the weather wasn't to hot and most of the trail is shaded and lovely anyways. Ended up walking about six miles all together. The girls loved it. They were so tired when we got back to the car. Heck we all were. We ended up going home and napping for about two hours. I also ended up hurting my foot/leg while there. Maybe the flip flops weren't a good idea. I dunno. Feels like maybe I just pulled something. Just tender to walk on for sure. So we spent the rest of the day watching movies and listening to fireworks all over the city. It was just really nice and relaxing. I'm sure there might have been better more constructive ways to spend the day but we had a nice time. Just being together.

Have a new love in my life. 100% all natural white cheddar cheetos. Seriously people. You've got to try them. All other food pales in comparison to their greatness. Thankfully they are lowish in fat and pretty low in calories.

All my friends have today and tomorrow off. So I'm here with the last portion of my Harry Potter book and a few magazines to round out the day. Hopefully it's not sooo long that I can't stand it. Hopefully.

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