Wednesday, September 03, 2008

26 Years Old and Non Stop Heart Burn

So my 26th birthday was awesome. We traveled down to mom's house and spent three relaxing days just hangin out. On the actual day of my birthday we went to Springfield and ate at Lamberts. Oh the yumminess that was the fried okra, the hot rolls, the green beans. I was in heaven. Sadly my stomach doesn't let me eat like I used to and I didn't to wallow in the total self indulgence that is eating friend okra till the button on your pants pop off. We then proceeded to mess around town going here and there. I finally settled on a present from John. A new Singer sewing machine. It's a beauty and most importantly to me, easy to use. I have a sewing machine. A brand I can't even remember at this point but it's the most un-user friendly machine I've ever dealt with. My new one, Betsy as I'm calling her, is divine. Sunday mom and I attempted to sew together anything that would hold still long enough. We both made a "Frenchy Bag" from the Amy Butler pattern. Both turned out nice. As with any sewing project you always think of things you could have done different but I'm super happy with the end result.

We also had the privilege of dog sitting the lovely Izzy over the holiday weekend. She belongs to our good friends Tiff & Dave. I was worried about her for a little bit because we ended up having eight dogs all together and I wasn't sure how she would handle that. She did awesome though.

Back in KC. The weather had turned off weird thanks to Mr. Gustav. That's John's new favorite word to say. He randomly yells "Guuuuustav!"all the time now. Lucky me. It's 59 here right now and raining super hard.

In other news, I'm 15 weeks pregnant this week. For you normal folks who are luck enough not to have to count your life in weeks, that's one week shy of four months. I'm defiantly showing now. I'm wearing maternity pants because they are more comfortable than regular ones. We got to hear the heart beat of the baby last week. It was really fast and super neat to hear it. We find out the gender on the 26th. So can't wait for that. I'm excited and VERY nervous to find out. I'm getting back to normal now seems like. Getting most of my eating habits back (With the exception of eggs and meat. Those are still nasty), feeling less tired most days and generally feeling pretty good. I do however have constant heart burn. It's weird though because it's not like normal hb. It's like I took a wad of bread, balled it up really tight and swallowed it. It feels like it's just sitting there in my throat. Weirdness for sure. In other good news, I've only gained one pound. Maybe not important to the rest of you but feeling pretty good about that so far. I know more will come and that I will have to deal with it. I'll cross that bridge when it comes though.

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