Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Stuffs

Had a semi extended weekend due to the fact that John messed up his back Thursday at work. Worked from home Friday while we did doctor things and tried to make him comfortable. Thank the lord this wasn't a few weeks ago when I had absolutely no energy to do anything. We both would have been in a world of hurt. We ended up going to the urgent care clinic Saturday to get him some stronger pain meds and some muscle relaxers so he could sleep. He's doing pretty good today. Went to work but is doing a team lead position this week, so basically "light duty" for a bit. Hopefully all will be ok with that.

I went Saturday and hung out with Tiff for a Girls Day Out. We had a great time. Shopping, eating, talking. I broke down and bought some maternity clothes. My jeans still fit me but why be uncomfortable? So I got some cute tops, a pair of jeans and then a long comfy dress. I just need to figure out my work clothes now.

Showing a little...
Sunday we went to the Royals game with John's work. We by chance saw Tiff and Dave while walking through the parking lot and got to see Willie for a few. He's getting so BIG! The game was fine. At least they won. Meeting most of the people John works with was kinda weird. A lot of nice guys though.
Today I didn't want to come back to work. Just loved being home Friday doing things around the house while working on things online. Boy I'm gonna enjoy that maternity leave. Granted, I will have another person added to the equation by then however. Had a dream last night about the baby. I holding "her" out in my arms, just looking at her face. I know it's a dream however because the baby had olive skin and my poor kid is gonna come out with cole black hair and ghost white skin. Not a chance between us of anything else.

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