Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little She Devil

Last night we lugged her ginormous bed out of that back of my car and into the house. We had two zillion other things going on, so we didn't put it together. I'm sure that will happen tonight. I'm excited to see it in the room. Also, she got her first gift yesterday from Tiff & Dave. Cutest little outfits I've ever seen. Here is just the dress. I can't find a good shot of the tights but let me tell you, they are wicked cute. Also, I bought her there super cute shoes yesterday. I realize when she's little she doesn't walk and therefore why would she need shoes. Seriously? She's a woman and a woman, no matter the practicality level, need shoes. I can't wait to put these babies on her.

Seems like all we talk about are names now. Coming up with something that truly captures how cool she will be is hard to do. We have some options but it's so much pressure. It's forever! Hopefully something will come soon.

Working today, as usual. Thankfully since our quarter has ended (and my group did well) everyone is back to a more normal relaxed working state of mind. It's lovely to not have received an urgent email in almost an hour.

The weather is good here today. Sunny an bright but still a little cool. Have I mentioned I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving? It's right around the corner now. Crazy how fast time is going these days. I can't believe tomorrow is Oct already. More later...

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