Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess Who?!

Guess who is kicking like crazy today?! Haven't been able to really feel it till today. Thought I did a few times before but it would only happen once and then nothing. Today it's over and over. Feels so weird. Almost like hunger pains or when you eat a lot and your stomach is rolling around. Super weird.

Only a few more days now till we know the gender. Actually, two full days and a half. The baby is 5.5 inches from head to booty this week. About the size of a bell pepper. Crazy how they grow. I'm so amazingly anxious to find out what is there. I can't wait to finally be able to say either "He" or "She" and to be able to get things for the room.
In other news. Things will be scares around here for a little longer. Work is amazingly busy due to our sales quarter getting ready to close and our yearly client conference all falling within the same couple week period. Lots to do and so I'm super busy. I promise to be back soon with more interesting things to talk about.

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