Friday, September 12, 2008

View From The Top

So here is what I see when I look down these days. It's really kinda scary this way and isn't as big in real life. I was having a big belly day yesterday. Today it's smaller. Today it's also raining here. AGAIN. I know it's Fall. I know it's suppose to be raining but I would like just a few days of some sunshine and nice weather in which I can wear my new Birkenstock outside. Got them yesterday in the mail. They are so fun. John actually doesn't hate them at all.

Say hello to my new obsession. Cranberry Oatmeal Bars.

They have them in our mini Starbucks at work. They are sweet and tart but oh so yummy. I have to figure out how to make them!

As you can tell I'm not much for working today. The rain has made me want to just call it a day here at 9:30am. Plus it's jeans day at work for some sports thing. I totally don't care about sports but I'm a big fan of jeans. I hope this day doesn't drag on forever because I have a big night of lasagna making I want to get to. We're also doing furniture rearranging this weekend. Oh AND purchasing "the crib". This is the one we've settled on.

Minus all the pink crap. I love the drawer at the bottom for extra storage. We'll need all of it we can get I think. One of my very kind execs has given me a white six drawer dresser I plan to strip the front of the drawers and stain them the same as the bottom of this. I'm really excited to get the room started. It almost doesn't feel like the baby is real at this point because there is almost no evidence around our house that we're expecting. I know I have time but boy it doesn't feel like it. I was thinking last night how fast this has already seemed to have gone by. I asked John if he thought so but he didn't. He's been having to put up with me though, so I'm sure that makes it feel agonizingly slow. 14 days till we find out the sex of this little person swimming inside me. I keep calling it My Baby. "My Baby is big today" or "My Baby is hungry". John thinks that's funny but I don't really know what else to call this little life right now. We got to talking the other night about if we thought the dogs could hear the baby in there. They always lay close to me on the couch and last night Yorda had her little ear pressed up to my stomach. I wonder if they know there is something in there moving around. I think animals know that kind of thing. They can sense something is up. Sirius loves to lay straight on top of my stomach and I tease he's my baby warmer.

Off to get this day over with so I can be at home in my flannel pants and Birkenstock!!!

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