Wednesday, September 10, 2008

His Big Adventure

In case any of my readers didn't get copied on dad's latest email about his trip to Costa Rica and his new blog site about it, here's the link.

Pretty cool sounding so far. I'm actually totally envious but I'm so thrilled he's getting to do something really cool for once. What an awesome once in a life time trip. I have to say I hope he does come back but I couldn't blame him if he doesn't.

In other news, nothing exciting is going on with me. I'm struggling to stay focused at work. I'm to busy thinking about all the new fall stuff coming out and all the projects I want to do this fall. Seems like every year around this time I get that itch and make a list of crafty things I'd like to do while the weather is cooling down. This years list of course includes a ton of baby things but I will have to wait a few weeks more to know if I need to use green or aqua. No pink and blue here folks. Like you expected anything less from me. Anyway, projects I plan to learn or learn how to do better this coming season are:

-Jewelry Making
-Painting (Experimenting with different mediums)

I've actually been thinking about jewelry making for a while. I really just want to make simple pieces for myself and my family. I have some cool ideas in mind but nothing sketched out and certainly haven't been anywhere to drool over beads yet. That will come soon. I'm tired of shopping for certain pieces in the stores and can never find what I want. I might as well just make them. More gratifying anyways, right?

Baking I of course know how to do but it seems I bake the same old stuff all the time. I want to try out some new fall baking recipes this year. I keep thinking about a apple tart I saw someplace and longing for it's warm cinnamon comfort. I have to say I'm loving the weather change so far. It makes it hard to leave the house. I want to stay in and light my candles and wear my flannel sleep pants all day. I of course drag myself to work each day and manage to get things done in the process but still. I'm not sure if it's because of the impending baby on my life (the nesting factor) and the weather change but man I'm loving being at home right now. I've also been finding all these books I want to read this fall and winter. Manly things that would have seemed boring to me before but I can't help myself now. I was on Dr Laura (God Bless that woman) website yesterday and she had recommended a ton of books I want to read. We'll be making use of every square cent of that special amazon account we got. Free two day shipping is the best ever.

Well I guess I better work. Sigh...

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