Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So last Friday I got the pleasure of attending a Cerner event for the entire day. What a wonderful way to spend a Friday. A group of about 20 of us (four of these people being pretty good friends of mine) were shuttled around all day to all the hotels Cerner partners with. We toured to the rooms and basic were treated like queens for the day. It was a marvelous time that was made even special by the drawing I won single handedly at the only 4 diamond hotel in the KC area. They gave away a one night stay in an executive suite w/ a limo ride to the hotel and back. I was in shock. I'm truly so excited. Also got another treat, we eat lunch at Skies restaurant on the top of the Hyatt. Now I've been there once before (for another Cerner event) but it was just as cool this time as last. It's so cozy and yet modern in there. It's just the perfect place to have a great lunch on a sunny day with friends. Even more enjoyable because it was free. Here's just a small taste of the view. It was just simply lovely. So my day ended holding a box of special made pastries from Andres, a new stainless steel coffee mug, a night stay complete with limo ride to a great hotel and tired feet. What could be more perfect? Perhaps if they would have given us pedicures or something but I was just so enchanted as it was by the day. Why ruin it huh?!
So by Friday night I knew trying to top my day was pretty much not going to happen and it was cold. I'm talking well digger in a flash freezer box with no clothes on in Alaska cold. So we staying in all weekend and did not much. Watched movies and moved furniture. Not eventful but fun. We finally got the chance to watch the remake of The Stepford Wives. It was pretty fun. I of course haven't seen the original but I liked this version. Christopher Walken and his weirdness makes pretty much every movie better. I made a big pot of bean and bacon soup and I was in heaven. Monday set in a little to early. Work just wasn't something my sleeping pattern had in mind. I made it though. Lastnight John and I cleaned like devils because tonight his friend from way backy times is coming in from TX to visit. We're only really a spot on his journey but it's going to be great to see him. He's really only on of two friends who seem to still give a crap John. I'm so excited to see him but more excited that he's made an effort to visit. Should be a great time.
In other big and exciting news, Gran flys in tomorrow night. Talked to her yesterday and she said it's warmer in Germany than it is in KC. Sick and Wrong.
Ohhhhh and on Saturday night we're having a Valentine Cocktail party at her house. It's gonna be fab! Lots of folks and lots of food. I'll try and remember to take photos.

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