Monday, February 19, 2007

Things That I Heart...

-Warm Winter Days (We're talking 50 and up)
-When the dogs let us sleep in on the weekends (Sleeping in being 7:30)
-Breakfast at Starbucks with my Honey (Killer Orange Cranberry Muffins)
-Fabric for killer tweed pants on SALE

-Two Cute shirts on sale for under $15 (for both!)
-Giant Cheeseburgers from Red Robin w. bacon
-Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel (Bear is just the coolest!)
-Luna Bars, Naked Juice & Crystal Light Travel Packs (All working together to make me a healthier me)
-Coming to work on Monday and only having 10 emails in my inbox

So this pretty much sums our my weekend. I left out a few parts (like the giant headache I had all day yesterday and that John wasn't feeling well either) but nothing life threatening. It was pretty relaxing. The weather yesterday was great and only supposed to get better. I'm more than excited. I've sworn to move to Texas or the likes if this weather doesn't get better! So far I'm out voted. Tonight I'm going to get some things around the house done but more importantly I'm going to try and bake something sweet for my sweet because tonight is his last math class (for three weeks at least). He'll have a ton of pressure lifted off his very strong shoulders once that's all done. I'm thinking cupcakes because who doesn't love a good cupcake? Pictures to follow. Today seems to be flying by with less stress the longer it goes. I'm looking forward to being at home and baking tonight. I'm also going to figure out the new pattern I got Saturday. It's this really cute dress pattern and I bought some so cute grey stretch fabric to make it out of. I'm ready to get back into the swing of sewing. It's so relaxing in a pull all your hair out sort of way. Pictures of the dress to follow as well. Warm weather to all (except Gran who is currently in sunny FL without me, shopping. I hope they get a blizzard!)

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