Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sometimes Good Intentions Pave the Way to...

Doing the dishes and yoga while watching a movie. So my intent was to make cupcakes for John. I was excited about it and once he left the house I got my cook book out and was ready to start. Then however, I realized that I didn't have enough eggs. So I thought about going to get some but then I found a recipe for a fruit crisp that look wonderful and I knew John would love. I wanted to to be warm and smelling good when he arrived home from school so I put it off. I did an array of other things. Dishes, picked up the house, made my first crafty project in a while (see photo), did yoga while watching Chocolat and THEN decided to get to work on the crisp. So I got into it. Flour, baking powder, salt...oats. Wait. Where are the oats? I thought I had oats. So needless to say I didn't get to make the crips either. By this time it was to late to run to the store because John would have been home and wondering where I was. Dang! Maybe this weekend.
So this weekend we plan to start a house reno project. Cutting up the laundry room floor and leveling it out. I'm going to paint our new night stands. They're miss matched but so functional. I think they will look better with a coat of paint. I haven't decided on the color yet though. Maybe black, maybe grey. Also going to go pick up a jacket pattern I had my eye on saturday but didn't get. John found some extremly pretty houndstooth light weight wool. I think I might make the first jacket out of this. I know I'll use it again because it's a wicked cute pattern. Would be great in a linen. I'm thinking of making some linen suits for work this summer. Not sure yet though.
In other news, today is tuesday. I wore one of my new short sleeved drape sweaters today and I have to say it's just right. So soft and cozy but not to hot for the office. It's a really pretty burgandy color and just my favorite at this second. We all know I'm fickle though. Oh so fickle.
So some of the other blogs do this thing where they show, periodically mind you, corners of their home. Just little places they feel are special or cozy. I thought perhaps we'd start that tradition here. Since most you of don't come to my home on a regular basis, it might be fun.

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