Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just About to Have a Fit!!!!

So yesterday while blogging I get this update that needs to be downloaded. Seems blogger is now going to be run through google (At some point the entire world will be owned by Google). So I update. This morning I get online to send out a nugget of random stuff to you in cyber world and I can't get to my blog. I can't get the dang thing to let me sign in. I can't find where I'm suppose to DO anything. Sigh... I just took a break and came back later when I wasn't frustrated. Working now. Thankfully.

So back to that random nugget. Reading Joel O's daily message today and something clicked that I've never thought of before. Read below:

God is all-powerful, which means He can do anything that He desires. If He wants to bless you, He will, but that's not necessarily how it works with God. God works on principles and laws, and when you prove yourself faithful with little, He will give you a little more. You can't reap a good harvest without planting your seeds, so don't hold on to them! Just as Jesus illustrated in the parable of Matthew 25, our Master will reward you when you are faithful to Him. Live your life by the principle of faithfulness, and watch God bless you for a job well done.

Now the part in red's what got me. So simple (like most everything with God actually is at it's core. We make it complex. Or should I say Me makes it complex.) yet so profound and glorious. I thought of ways in my life right away where I seem to not be able to handle what I've been given but am frustrated because I want more. I never stopped to think about the fact that it's a trust issue. We as humans are the same way. We trust people with a part of who we are until they "prove" they capable of handling more. I love this idea. It's almost like a game with God. Somehow it makes sense to my mind because it automatically places an order on God's blessings for us. Sometimes it's easy to believe they're random and without thought. Not so. Really cool.

In other news, Emma is unhappy. She comes by this honestly from her mom. She can't help it. She's a lot better with the expression on her ears than I am though. Really now though, How cute is my hair!!!

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