Monday, February 26, 2007

So I sometimes feel upset because it seems like I have no life. Nothing exciting going on but then when we actually go someplace or see people, I don't get pictures. What is wrong with me?
This weekend was good, very fun and pretty cold. Friday I was on the hunt for a few sewing things and talked John is to driving me all over creation to find them. No luck. I have two patterns I want but can't find them in the store because I guess maybe they are from last season. Fashion! I tell ya! Anyway, I guess I'll just order them online. What would I do with out you wireless online internet connection? My world might be cold and black.

Saturday morning we met up with Gran for a fun filled, hit the ground running, side splitting day of shopping for stuff. We did really good though. She got everything she was after and then some. She of course flys out again this saturday for who knows how long to Paris. Anyway, back to the weekend. Sunday we slept in because after trying to keep up with the likes of Patti and another day of things to do, we needed the rest. She picked us up around 1:30 and we headed out to our monthly play at Crown Center. This one was good. Different than others we've seen there but still good. We somehow got suite seats which we thought we be great but they ended up being terrible and we all froze the entire time. Weird. Nicer isn't always better I guess. After the play we went to Crown Center's Milano resturant for a drink while waiting for our dinner spot to open up. It was nice. I of course can't have alcohol of any kind and telling people that is weird. They automatically think I'm pregenant, which to me is creepy for some reason. So I drank cranberry juice with lime. It was worth the trip however because I hear the bartender was great and we did happen to get an eye full of an interesting "man" dressed as a "woman". Love Crown Center. Always see something fun and out of the ordinary life there. Headed over to Lydia's for dinner. I just LOVE that place. We somehow got right in at a great table over looking to city. They have this pasta trio that is served table side from the pan. They change the selection each day of pastas. It also comes with a great salad and dessert. Perfect for us. We all love to try everything. Food was outstanding. Then dessert came. Well the dessert was good but I did something I shouldn't have. I had a cappicino. Didn't even think twice about it. Only really drank half because it was stong and cold by the time I really got to it but drank it non the less. Got home and relaxed and my guts went CRAZY! I ran to the bathroom and it wasn't pretty. So I had the stomach ache. Took my medicine right away but it was just to late. We went to bed later than normal and i figured I would fall right to sleep but no. I was up for all but two hours of last night. Then when I did sleep all I did was dream weird stuff that woke me up. So I'm hoping today flys by because I just wanna sleep for a really long time.

What else...? Oh I started (again) reading The Purpose Driven Life book. I have read it before but it's one of those that you can just read a thousand times and still get something new and really good out of it. The first chapter is about you life not being your own. About how your will, emotions and desires aren't your own and aren't meant to take first place in your life. Only God should fill that roll. It's always a wake up call to read something like that. You start trying to think through areas of your life where you may not be putting God first and how you life would change if He was were he belonged. I came in to work this morning and below is the blurb from John Fischer for today. Funny how God ties things all together:

Under new ownershipby John Fischer
“You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

What does it mean to not belong to myself? I can think of a few things.

It means that I should probably do a lot of consulting with my new owner. There is more to consider than just me and what I want to do; there is God and what he wants me to do.
If you’re anything like me, this makes sense until you begin to wonder over what he wants you to do in certain circumstances. It isn’t always clear.

For this we have Scripture and gifted members of the fellowship to consult, but in all instances it is the attitude of the heart that is most important. It is a submissive attitude toward God that he is looking for – what the Old Testament calls a broken and contrite heart. It’s being always open and teachable because I realize my new owner has a different way of looking at things than what comes natural for me. In fact, over time I begin to realize what comes natural for me is often my biggest problem.

Instead of “how much can I get away with here,” God is looking for an attitude that says, “Even if I’m not sure, what do I think God would want me to do here.” God is not going to lead astray a humble person who is seeking to do his will.

Our new ownership also means there will be inner conflict. It used to be just me. Now I have me and the Spirit and we may not always be in sync.

In Roman 7, Paul concludes that an inner battle over right and wrong is a good thing because it proves at least that something good is going on. “But if I know that what I am doing is wrong, this shows that I agree that the law is good.” (Romans 7:16) Or in other words, he may have done the wrong thing, but at least he knew it was wrong.

Consider even the Son of God whose joy was always to do the will of his Father in heaven, who in the garden of Gethsemane cried out after sweating blood over it, “Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” (Luke 22:42)

It used to be easier. It used to be just me left to the whim of my desires. But all that has changed. I am not my own anymore; I have been bought by God at a high price – the blood of Jesus – and he has a plan and a purpose for me as my new owner.

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