Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Have A Serious Problem...

Ok. I'm not sure why but I love this style shoe. I've been looking everywhere for an affordable version and finally found these today. Why do I like them? No idea. I've wanted to Oxford type for a while but then this open toed oxford hybrid came out and I had a secret crush for a while. Then it grew into full tilt love/lust. I think these would be super cute for work this spring. I can wear them with dresses and colored tights. I also thought they would be really cute with some jeans and a blazer. Now I just have to decide which pair. We'll see.

So it's always weird to read or hear what people think about you or how they think you are preforming. Today my manager sent out my review feedback for me to look over. Wow. It's for some reason sometimes hard to read nice things being said about you and I'm not sure why that it. Once I got done reading it all I could say was "wow."

So all the plans I had last night to cook and clean kinda didn't happen. I ended up watching the two hour Biggest Losers-Couples and then Law and Order. Seriously I'm a sucker for that show. If I just hear that noise at the beginning I'm hooked. Almost never fails. I hope to be more productive tonight but who knows what will really happen.

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