Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back In Action

So I'm back from Texas. Actually got back Saturday afternoon but I've been laying low since then. Coming back to work was hard yesterday. I so enjoyed not being here or thinking about this place. The weather was wonderful most everyday. It felt so nice to have casual clothes on with no coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots. We had a really nice time even though we worked like slaves pretty much the entire time. Moving Gaga to her new place was much less painfully and emotional than I thought it would be. The retirement community is just beautiful and truly I wanted to move in before the week was out. They offer so many cool things for those older people and it's truly not all that expensive like I thought it would be either. We got her moved and completly unpacked in three days. Pictures on the walls, china in the cabinet, everything. We got more done in three days at that place than I've done in two years at my house. Amazing. I walked away with a ton of her old beautiful china from Japan, handmade quilts, super jewelry. I will try and take pics of it all tonight. I'm having trouble with my blog being able to load photos or spell check again. So who knows...

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