Thursday, February 21, 2008

And Now Let Me Direct Your Attention to the Right...

Check my new profile pic. It's one I took of myself just jackin around with some eyeliner but then...I looked HOT! So I love it. Typically I'm not this dramatic nor hot. It may have been a one time fluke.

So we got snow but it wasn't much. Snowed like it was really going to pile up but then no. I hear it's icy out though and from the mini fish tail I did while getting onto the highway this morning, I believe it. Drive home should be interesting.

I'm kinda in the go someplace mood tonight but doubt that I will actually go anywhere given the weather. I'm kinda in the thrift store mood. Or the craft shop mood. Or the book store mood.

Oh! Annoying, Naomi loves clothes and shoes way to much and all she does is talk about them, update. I think I've decided on the second pair. Originally I had ruled them out because of being so open in the back but now I'm thinking I could wear them into summer a little longer them being more of a sandal hybrid. That's my reasoning today. Tomorrow who knows.
Also, I'm thinkin this dress would be super cute for summer. I'm liking both versions but not the goofy bell sleeves on the grey one. And you know I'm all about anything that says "Very Easy" and has to do with sewing. I'm also loving this crazy hat which reminds me of one that Amy Butler has a pattern for. How cute would that be while I'm out working in the yard or reading on the patio this summer?!

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