Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to Work Again...

The weekend is over. Sadly. It was really nice though. John and I ran some errands on Friday night and went home early. We're such homebodies these days. Saturday we slept in a little and headed out for a nice relaxed shopping day. I was obsessing over these:
Mine are actually suede but so comfortable. I'm gonna wear the heck out of these this spring. We met with Jon & Lauren about the wedding and for a bite of lunch. Wedding plans are back on track and I'm feeling a lot better about it. John and I then went downtown and walked around some antique shops till around 9pm. We ended up getting a few things. We've been looking for a table and chairs for our house but nothing seemed right. We needed something small but I was against going to get something new for some reason. I wanted something with character and a past. We found a really cool, light grey, fold down table from the 50's. I've also been looking for a desk that we can use as a multi purpose surface in the spare room. I wanted an old wooden teachers desk. We found a perfect one that needs just a touch of redoing. Both at great prices. We also found these:
You can't really tell from the photo but they are Brookpark melamine dishes. Not a full set but still enough to be just the coolest thing. The colors are bright citrus green, burgundy, light grey and forrest green. They are awesome! I love the cream and sugar bowls. Also the salt and pepper shakers. I also love how everything is square. What you don't see in this photo are the real plates. I have six of those too. So we went back to pick up the desk on Sunday morning only to find the chairs we wanted for the table. they are a nice mushroom color. Look cute with the table and are just what I wanted. We're still arranging the house. Trying to figure out how and were we want stuff to go. We also got new blinds for the kitchen and put up some shelving over the weekend. Pretty productive.

Took some photos of myself too. I'm still looking just as dorky as ever but like these photos for some reason.
Me tryin on a totally cute hat at the antique store Saturday. I might just have to have this one.

Me in our bathroom. Love our shower curtain in this photo.

Me with no glasses. I like me with no glasses sometimes. Notice the giant pile of stuff behind me. Sheesh.

Also, finally unpacked the Texas stuff. Ten million of the peanut things in that box. That was part of why I waited so long to unpack it. I just new the cat was going to be in the big middle of all of it. I managed to keep him out though. Here are some of the things I got. For some reason I didn't take a photo of the really cool quilt.

In other great news, my spell check on the blog is working again. Bout time!

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Patti said...

Love the dishes; they are so you. And love the hat. You have to get it. Looking forward to seeing you soon.