Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Wishes

So some how I managed to talk my blogger into letting me post some pics today. I had to sweet talk it but here there are. I'm loving these things for spring. Love love love the short sleeved sweater coat and the airplane necklace is cute and funky. I'm thinking alot today about what kinds of pieces I want for the coming season and looking all over for what I want. Having trouble coming up with options I'm willing to pay for. I'm thinking about just trying to whip up a few fun dresses for over tights and maybe try my hand at some knitting of a sweater coat like that one. I doubt seriously I'll make it all the way to the sweater coat but I can dream. I'm liking VERY muted colors lately. Not sure why. I'm not afraif of color but I have trouble setteling on just one. So muted neutrals are my thing lately.

Today is my first day back to work since last Wed. I pretty much slept/laid in bed half of wed and all of thur and fri. Saturday I managed to make it to the couch. Yesterday I knew I had to get it in gear. Got up and we went out for some breakfast (which btw, I'm not really eating a lot lately either because it all make me feel like throwing up) and then to browse B&N for a while. We did some food shopping and headed home for a lovely evening of cleaning. I cleaned till I couldn't stay awake much longer but the house looks great. Today, however I'm very sore and can barely walk. Worth the price though. Oh! I also got a new phone over the weekend. Looks like:

Does way more stuff than I will ever need but it's cute. I wanted it for the full keyboard and the fact that I can get my yahoo email and real internet of it. Killer.
John and I have been planning and talking about house projects for spring/summer. We've got a few things in mind. I'm excited to actually know what I want to do and have John's agreement. It's silly to get excited about things like new blinds and flower boxes but I can't help it. I love making house! You wouldn't know it by the look of our house (minus the fact that it's clean) but that will change. My priorities are shifting. I can feel it.

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