Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So the three day weekend was nice. Pretty relaxing. Lovely weather. Friday night we planned to hang out with Gran at her house, help do somethings, and make pasta at the house. Instead John got home late and we went out for mexican food. We have such a lovely time just sitting and talking. Sat there for a long time. Just drinking, eating and laughing. Seems like I've had more of that in my life recently and I must stay I could get used to it.

Saturday was going to be busy and we knew it. We started the day with breakfast, manicures & pedicures. Even John got one of each. He was so funny. We headed out to DSW because I had a coupon and well you just don't waste coupons for shoes. So I ended up getting two pairs (one of which I ended up taking back because it didn't fit right) but I got a lovely pair of black peep toe wedges for $10. So we then headed out to Kansas where we planned to test drive the Acura MDX. Gran ends up buying the car and we sit pretty much all day and work through the details, the paperwork and the instructions on house to use the dang navigation system. By the time we drove away in this completely fabulous new car we all were so tired we could barely care. We did however stop off at the Rainforrest Cafe and had dinner and did a bit of shopping at the Oak Park Mall. I got a gift for my friends birthday this week. Sunday we slept in. I was lazy. John and I ran our weekly errands and a few side notes. We then packed up our lives and headed over to Gran's for our Sunday ritual. Laundry, Dinner and Design Star. One episode left. I hope Kim wins. I like Todd but he's to over the top for me. I can't imagine him having a show.

Work is just work today. Not a lot of people here or stuff going on. I've got over half my work for the day done already, so I'm pacing myself now.

So we haven't had a "What I'm Into Today" section in a while and I'm feeling like sharing. So since you are at the mercy of my ramblings...
1. Paolo Nutini- Great Scottish singer. 19 years old but an amazing voice and fun music. I recommend the songs New Shoes, Autumn, Jenny Don't Be Hasty. They are all good however.
2. These Grey Heels
3. Simple Sewing- This book is just so delicious. I tend to swoon over sewing books like this for ages before I ever really end up making anything from them but the entire idea is just so romantic. Not in the typical romantic sense. This particular on is done by a french gal who has great taste. Such lovely photos.
4. Gold Bangles- I'm currently searching for some that I can wear with everything. I just located some on Antropologie that are a maybe. Fingers crossed.
5. Martha Stewart Fall Cakes- This one is Citrus & Poppy Seed.
6. Risotto- Any kinda will do at this point. Just bring it to me NOW!!!
7. Halloween- It's coming and I'm excited for some reason this year. Who knows.

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