Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Such a Busy Day...

So the weekend was great. Fished, rode on the new Gator toy M & G have AND stayed in a super cool little travel camper thing. Our visit was relaxing and the weather was nice. A little muggy but considering today is only 52 right now, it felt nice. Slept in, ate yummy food and laughed lots and lots. I did take pictures but of course left my camera at home. Dang.

Yesterday was an odd and special day. I'm still a bit freaked by this (after all I wouldn't be acting like myself if I wasn't) but I was offered a new role at my job. It's something I had previously not been interested in doing but now seems like a decent time to try it. It's something new for me and of course that is scary. The exciting things about it are: I will have a wonderful manager, I should get a great pay raise on top of the raise I just got, I will be in a new building, The other admin on the floor is really cool. I will be supporting four pretty high level directors and vice presidents and I'm super nervous about it. I think however once I'm a little more prepared with some training and once I meet them I might be ok. Hopefully. It's scary to do something new.

Also, yesterday John's sister Leslie called to tell us she is pregnant with baby number two. Little signs of life popping up everywhere.

Oh and John is on the cusp of possibly getting a new car within the next two weeks. He contacted a dealership yesterday looking for the color and trim package he wants. He's had trouble even being able to test drive one because they fly off the lot. So the guy tells him the exact car John wants is the next one they have coming on the lot. Black, manual transmission, sport package. John was thrilled. Everything happens for a reason.

So with the change in weather comes change in our lives this year. Crazy to think how in one day your entire life can change. Scary but exciting.

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