Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So today it's raining and just gross here. In the 60's though, so that is nice. I'm glad my fall weather is back. I want chili.

Today has been a nice day at work. I love getting to come to work and feel like a grown up. All important and on the phone. Making calls. Important calls. My exec is out of town today and not really needing anything BUT I've plenty of things to do for her none the less. The other three seem to not need a lot from me so far. I do think I'm getting another person though. Should be interesting.

So I've spent what time I wasn't working thinking fall clothes, styling my house to sell it and chili. With cheese please. I've found a new love. Not cheese. Cheese has always been a love of mine, as you all well know. Alas, I'm in love with a new brand of stuff. Not new to the market but newish to me. Who knew Fossil made clothes. And really really cute ones at that. Just take a look at some of this cute stuff. AND they make some really amazing organic-y jewelry. Wow! Who knew.

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